Will being Stupid embrace your Intellectual Humility?

Why does your boss never acknowledge you? You never hesitate to take up that extra work that is not even listed in your key responsibility areas. Neither did you compromise on your own work. Nor was hesitant to add a little bit of you delivering work in your signature style. Eventually, nothing mattered. You wonder why?

Why is your child unhappy with you? No matter how much you try. They are easily bored within seconds. The noises, jumping and the nagging drive you crazy. Especially when you plant yourself for some quick entertainment, you believe you deserve at the end of the day.

Why would your mother always scream at you? You as it is compromise on most of the things just because your mom forbids it. The only day when you want to go crazy with your friends at an annual party is also timed? This nudges the limit.

To identify yourselves in one of the above scenarios, we must learn a few terms that explain the psychology behind human thoughts generally. While there are pretty lengthy theories under each, I have tried to make it simple and cool (in my audience’s perspective. Click here to Learn More

Paper, Pen and few Awards!

A Vision is always the dream that is put down in paper and planned for execution.

A Fictional Interview of me from the Future

As someone, who literally follows with his writing, this beautiful evening has been special for various reasons, but very deserving for our National Award Winner, Ahamed Shyam. His lyrics for the song “Maatrangalum Maarum” has not only fetched him the award, but have also touched upon every one in the world, creating waves digitally.

“I have only been able to word the thoughts that the world has been observing for a long time”, Ahamed humbly said to us, when enquired about his inspiration for the song.

As the Founder & Director for the much acclaimed Digital Marketing Agency, Make Phew Changes, named after his popular blog, claims that his recent CSR campaign voicing for the freedom of animals in zoo, may have given him a lot of insights for the award winning lyrics.

Voice for the abandoned

According to him, animals are in zoo imprisoned for life and his latest campaign about the same has been gaining a lot of momentum and attention worldwide. He has rightly questioned in his campaign and in the lyrics, the arrangement of the survival of the endangered animals that are locked down in the name of safety from poachers. If we recall, he began sharing his views with his blog Make Phew Changes that became an instant hit. It that went viral for the right reasons and fetched attention of several celebrities continue to trend every time a new post is up. Ahamed, as the author of the blog, even at a million subscribers, still pays his gratitude just like he did for his first 100 subscribers. His personalized attention to his subscribers is what that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Ted Talkative!

If we recall, his TED Talk on “Being a Multipotentialite” was a great tribute to Emilie Wapnick, who coined the term originally and helped him recognize as one. Ever since then, he has been assisting multi talented people organise and outshine every other normal people in various fields and his career guidance has helped many grow professionally. Mr. Ahamed Shyam has also been a life coach of several struggling talents with held by their own self-doubt and fear. As a man with lot of magic tricks up his sleeves, promises to surprise us with more interesting projects that he claims are lined up for “Make Phew Changes”.

He smiles and signs off with his signature style motto “Come, let’s make phew changes” that has become a trendsetter in the neighborhood and has indeed brought productive and positive “phew” changes to the world. We wish him good luck!